Pilgrim Pups

Pilgrim Pups coverHonorable Mention at the 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards!

At last, the third volume in Nancy Arnold’s award-winning children’s Pups series is here! This time Nancy captivates us with the adventures of two courageous canines taking part in the earliest events of American history. In Pilgrim Pups, Merry and Miles join their master Barth on a voyage to a New World aboard the legendary Mayflower. The journey is long, difficult, and dangerous. Making a life in the wilderness will only be more so. Bears, Indians, and natural disasters are only some of the perils that await them. In the end the courage, strength, and love of two pups will make all the difference in turning a dream of a new life in a New World into reality.

Once again, Nancy’s sparkling and rhythmic rhyming verse effortlessly enchants young readers, teaching them about a crucial moment in North American history while entertaining them with an exciting story of survival. Ellen Berger’s delightful illustrations only enhance the story’s appeal for young readers. As with Patriotic Pups and Pioneer Pups before, Pilgrim Pups can be an effective aid for teachers of young children, and is also an enjoyable and educational read for older elementary school children that will improve reading skills and vocabulary.

With illustrations by Ellen L. Berger.

ISBN 978-0-692-85114-2, 72 pages, 8.5″x11″. Available at Amazon and bookstores nationwide.

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Good history is not easy, and rhymes are really hard,
To make them fun for kids takes a special kind of bard,
But Nancy does it, with skill and her special canine touch,
And another set of pups that we’ve come to love so much!
—Charles Williams, Cowboy Poet and Director, Will Rogers Medallion Award

Pilgrim Pups is an artistic fusion of poetry and history, complete with vivid imagery of the hardships and adventures many endured in the founding of the New World. Nancy’s brilliant use of illuminating language highlights the heart and spirit of the early settlers, making it an excellent addition to any teacher’s classroom library!
—Sarah Keil, M.Ed, Phoenix, Arizona

Although most American children are familiar with traditional tales of the Pilgrims, the Mayflower, and the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrim Pups adds a new and delightful twist. Kids are sure to remember the dramatic ocean journey and the pups’ encounters with Native Americans when they reach the New World. Kids will thrill to the exciting rescues and exploits as these charming canines and their owner meet and interact with their new American Indian friends. Adorable illustrations add to this educational and enchanting tale.
—Laurie Cockerell, Author, Magnificent Sam

These stories breathe life into what is usually just dates and names in the history books. History is the story of people’s lives – how they face the opportunities and obstacles in their path. Mrs. Arnold is a master at giving these ancestors a voice that resonates with all of us today in the 21st century. How many more stories can we find once we look back at the people who made us and our country what it is today? I hope many students will be inspired by Mrs. Arnold and take on this adventure.
—Dr. Kimberly J. Dilley, Educational Interventionist, Uplift Education, Dallas, TX

Nancy Arnold wows readers again with a fresh wonderful look at the journey to the New World in Pilgrim Pups! Readers will delight in the adventures of the pups as they sail across the Atlantic and explore early America. The tale unfolds in beautiful rhyme that just begs to be read aloud. As an elementary school librarian I am always looking for engaging stories that not only entertain but also educate. Mrs. Arnold’s books continue to achieve both! Children fall in love with the pups and learn amazing messages of courage, sacrifice, friendship and honor all while immersed in the historic poetry of Nancy Arnold’s writing.
—Jennifer Moenich, Elementary School Librarian, Phoenix Arizona

Pilgrim Pups aboard ship