Pioneer Pups

Pioneer PupsWill Rogers Medallion AwardSILVER MEDALIST at the 2015
Will Rogers Medallion Award
in Illustrated Western Fiction
for Young Readers.

HONORABLE MENTION at the 2014 Animals, Animals, Animals Book Fest.

Nancy Arnold has done it again with her followup to the award-winning children’s book Patriotic Pups. Pioneer Pups is the story of the adventures of four lively pets who accompany their human family on the dangerous journey to the Texas frontier. Along the way, Sweetie, Star, Slip, Scout, and their parents Bonny and Davy prove themselves to be essential companions through their courageous acts and loving ways.

Written in an engaging rhyming verse, Pioneer Pups teaches elementary-aged children about the age of westward expansion in American history and about the lives of the pioneers who braved the wilderness to help our country grow. The book is a useful tool for teachers of younger children and an entertaining read for older elementary-school children.

Arnold Family
Nancy Arnold’s own ancestors were pioneers who came to Texas in 1851. Seen here are her grandparents and their eight children in the 1930s.

With illustrations by Ellen L. Berger.

ISBN 978-1-935089-74-2, 96 pages, 8.5″x11″, Softcover. Available at bookstores nationwide and through all major wholesalers.

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Nancy and Will Rogers Medallion Award
Nancy at the award ceremony for the 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award, which recognizes quality works of Western literature and film. Pioneer Pups was awarded the Silver Medal for Illustrated Western Fiction for Young Readers. (Click here for more information.)


“Kids will love this adventurous tale of wagon train life during the 1850s. Nancy Arnold’s book is a fun way to introduce children to the courage and sacrifices of those great pioneers who helped settle the west.”
—Janine Turner, Actress, founder & co-chair of Constituting America, author of A Little Bit Vulnerable: On Hollywood, God, Sobriety & Politics.

Pioneer Pups is a rollicking adventure that tells the tale of a family moving west, accompanied by their brave and spunky pups. Written in verse, kids will love the rhythm and rhyme of this delightful story. The author carefully weaves in historically accurate situations and vivid images of family life in the 1850s, as Ma, Pa, and the kids venture to their new home in Texas. The author does not shy away from the dangers and perils of pioneer life, and children are bound to cheer out loud when our heroic pups save the day! I highly recommend this captivating book to teachers and families – but most of all to kids, who will be endeared to their new canine friends and their adventurous owners. Pioneer Pups is filled with warmth, excitement, and fun – a great way to make history come alive!”
—Laurie Cockerell, Author of Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston, Elementary teacher and homeschooling mom

“Nancy Arnold and her Pioneer Pups prove that history is all about the personal stories. Her vivid language and poetry put us side-by-side in the wagon for each step of the trek. Each celebration, challenge, and danger highlighted illustrates the “can-do” spirit that stitched this nation together. I’m packing my bags for the next adventure with the pups. ”
—Dr. Kimberly J. Dilley, Elementary teacher, Vancouver, Washington

“Mrs. Arnold is an American patriot, both through her love of country and through her constant efforts to teach America’s youth about our founding documents. Her book will help my generation learn to respect and preserve our country.”
—Juliette Turner, National Youth Director, Constituting America and Author of Our Constitution Rocks and Our Presidents Rock.

“Nancy Kay Arnold has done it again – written another delightful children’s book that is sure to please. As an educator, I love the fact that her newest book, Pioneer Pups, hits on all academic cylinders by combining history, social studies, and language arts. But as a reader, I love being swept up in the story, and children will love it, too. It has adventure, it has puppies, and it rhymes! In Pioneer Pups, Mrs. Arnold has achieved the BIG “E” Trifecta: Engaging, Exciting, and Educational!”
—Mary-margaret Belota, Author of Meeting Halfway, Poems of faith, love, and friendship, Elementary School Music Specialist, Fort Worth, Texas ISD

“Hooray for the Pioneer Pups who helped blaze a trail into Texas during those early days of the Lone Star State! Children will identify with the human characters and their faithful dogs as they made the treacherous trek into the unknown. A great read-aloud to younger kids, and an exciting self-read for older elementary students. Author and retired teacher Nancy Arnold is a master at reaching children in a unique and entertaining way. ”
—Cathy Gillespie, Co Chair, Constituting America

Pioneer Pups is a brilliant portrayal of man’s best friend, illuminating the history of America for minds young and old. Utterly delightful! I can’t wait to share this tale with my students.”
—Kristi Mineer, Literary Specialist, Phoenix, Arizona

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